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How The Apple Watch Can Be Your Kids Phone With Family Setup

Hey guys how are you all so today’s article is about. The apple watches and it can finally work without an I phone. And you guys can set it up pretty easily I phone which makes it an accessory. And you have to pay up for all this extra stuff like AirPods apple watch. Well, that’s kind of sort of with family setup it is here if you’re a family member.

And you want to give an apple watch to them and have them use if it’s a kid or a relative. And it works surprisingly easily for the setup part apple did set up with an I phone. And an apple watch to try out with family setup it’s set up surprisingly easily. If your kid is in your family with I cloud family. Sharing now that stuff gets set up separately and you’ve got to make sure that first of all your kid has an I cloud account. Then you need to have an I phone as the person who’s setting it up.


Family Setup With Apple Watch

And then when you go into family sharing settings you make sure that there I cloud account connected. And you’re all part of this little family group once. You do that you then go into the apple watch app. And there is an option for setting a new watch up for a family member you just follow some steps.



And that’s where you realize that the apple watch needs to be cellular so that’s a thing. And not just all cellular watches particular ones apple watch series 4 with cellular the new apple watch SE or the other watch series 6. With cellular the apple watch series 5 with cellular there are options there. But they’re not super cheap options so if you’re used to the idea of $199apple. Watch you’re not gonna get that here the cheapest apple watch SE with cellular is $330.

That’s a lot that is a phone price I phones start for the I phone SE or for ones you can get on sale pretty much in that price range. Watch or phone there is fewer distractions on the watch. But it’s not nearly as useful for all the other things you can do apple did introduce this other crazy feature called school time. It is a way to try to aim to improve focus on what it does is its kind of like sleep mode on the apple watch.

That locks everything out until you spin the crown to then come out of school time and open up the rest of the watch. So it just stays on this basic watch mode. But if your kid decides to unlock the watch it will send a report to you. So you can see when they did that so then it’s kind of like screen time. Where you’re able to monitor when they overrode that it’s a little bit weird but effective.

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