Sports How American football takes a toll on the players?

How American football takes a toll on the players?


A lot of awareness has already been made regarding the footballers in America facing really tough times. The sad part is that these players have to even suffer from lethal diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is moreover a brain-based disease associated with constant traumatic situations. It means the pain of players is no more limited within the physique or the body; it has reached the extreme level of brains as well. Post knowing this, it’s indeed tough to watch football or demand them for better performance.

Shocking post-mortem reports regarding NFL players

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The suffering of American footballers took centre stage after the publication of The New York Times regarding the post-mortem reports of the brains of NFL players. It was the post-mortem test done at Boston University. The report was about the post-mortem report of 111 NFL players.

Shocking here is to mention that except one all other 110 NFL players had symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. It is here to note that the prime reason behind the occurrence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy is the consistent blows or attacks on the head. Many players suffering from issues like dementia, as well as cognitive issues, is said to be due to the above disease.

The fear of injury

Good news is that the toll on players is no more a secret. This is said to be the reason that preference towards soccer is increasing in comparison to football in America. Soccer is indeed a safer option, and one doesn’t even need to run fiercely and constantly here. Most importantly, it is evident now that a soccer player is certainly expected to live longer than the footballers. A soccer player never feels devastated or frantic even after suffering from an injury. On the other hand, American footballers remain in fear that an injury may close all the doors for them; they feel worried about life after sports.

The level of hard work that an NFL player has to put simply to avoid injury is frantic. To match the demand and level of the game, these players have to go through unbearable physical exercises. Many players suffer from the issues of fatigue even while doing the exercise.

Ultimately, sports should be kept within the limit of sports only. No one is asking to be soft, but getting insane is also not justified. After all, no performance or sport is worth affording a life.


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