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Here Comes The iOS 14 With All New Updates And Features

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Hey, what’s up guys Dacey here and ios 14 is here it was just revealed yesterday. And I’ve had this beta on my I phone this very early developer beta for about a day. Now and after using it for that time there’s actually a lot here. Both big and small so this is the first look and hands-on at the features. And what to expect for these ios that will eventually hit all your iPhones in fall and September. Around then when it comes out brought to you by the six colour shirt of course.

Also happy pride month so right off the top I just want to say the memes were pretty. Strong about apple taking a lot of old features from android. In this release eight years ago when the company could have added widgets. To ios and after actually using it. I’m feeling like the answer is they wanted to get a couple of extra things. Right to put on top of It and it’s not like it’s better than the android version. But there’s some stuff that they do their own way you’ll see what I mean so first up is the new home screen. We’ve all heard about it we’ve all seen the widgets by now. But let’s just go over everything, first of all, there’s the new app library.

Which is a space all the way at the end to the right of all the home screens. That’s literally just a big list of all your apps but automatically organized this is basically the first time. Ios has had like an app drawer where everything’s in one place uh it took a decade. But it’s finally here and inside of that, there’s just a straight-up alphabetical searchable list. If you’re into that too now you can still pull down to search from anywhere on the home screens.

If you want to find apps that way and actually adds more results from the web and from Siri but hopefully you’ll need to use this a lot less. And then of course finally widgets now it’s still not quite. Android level where you can put them like anywhere you want and change them to whatever size you want. It’s not the same thing as you can’t put a widget in the middle of a home screen. It has to be either on the left side or the right side which is kind of a bummer. And you can’t put it alone on the right without anything to the left of it so it’s still restricted in a very iPhone.


iOS 14

Way as you can tell but at least you can long-press hit that plus button. And break out into all these new widgets and add them to any home screen with some degree of freedom. You see there are different sizes all the widgets here in ios 14. Off the bat are all first-party apple apps and there’s a nice variety with different sizes.

And functionalities but we are expecting third-party apps to become as well and that to me is exciting to finally be coming to the iPhone you know. Now apple’s added the fundamentals of widgets are on the home screen. So now on top of that, they’ve added a couple of interesting little dynamic nuances and extra things you can do.

With that first of all, there’s a widget you can add called smart stack where once you add it’s basically a carousel of several common widgets. And you can scroll through them manually or have them change automatically. Based on predictions it’s made for you and while that’s neat I didn’t really think I would use this until I found out you can edit smart stacks.

The stacks

And remove but wanted or useless widgets from this carousel. But I think even cooler is the method of adding or creating your own smart stacks. You can do this anytime you want so if you want to create a stack you can add two widgets on top of each other. That is the same size so hold and drag that second widget on top of the first widget drop. It on top and it becomes a scrollable stack and then you can continue to add more and then you can edit to make it a smart stack or just keep it this way.

That is pretty. The app drawer in ios you can just hold down to edit click the dots at the bottom and then just uncheck to hide an entire. Page boom now you never have to see those apps taking up space on your home screens. Again you can now actually make whole ios. Home screen setup with no apps and just one page of widgets if you wanted to so overall this home screen stuff is definitely the biggest change in IOS.

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