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Google Pixel Buds Lost Connection & Having Some Problem


The new Google pixel buds you can see below in the picture got rejected in the global market. First I was jazzed up ready to give the information about these Google buds initially but the features or things are awesome package for the feel the size everything was awesome except… let me tell you, I started having connection issues and I thought that maybe you know I would try resetting it. I would try restarting it maybe updating the firmware doing what I need to do to troubleshoot these to make sure that I’m getting the best connection. That I possibly can, unfortunately, there have been articles all over the interwebs of a lot of people experiencing the same thing.

And you know what this is ridiculous and completely not good these are a hundred and eighty bucks. There should be no connection issues whatsoever so what typically happens is when you’re taking. A walk you’re taking a jog you know this quarantine season you know I just want to get out. And do something else besides being inside the house at the hot all times. And so I put these on and I got my cell phone in my pocket and I’m walking, I’m jogging I’m having a good time and connection and it’s so annoying that they lost the connection.


I’ve tried everything I don’t know I’m just really peeled that at this price. I just don’t get it Google is a multi-billion dollar company and they can’t get their earbuds right. They can’t get their connection right I don’t get…what I need to do to get the best-updated firmware. And connection possible and unfortunately it’s a hardware issue. I don’t believe it’s a software issue because after all the troubleshooting. Chatting and all I have good stuff and all sudden the company realize. Say hey you know we’ll just send you out a new pair hopefully that’ll do the trick. And I was hoping for the best as well but as you know I got two pairs now.

And I think I should send them back because they both experienced. The same issue so needless to say, don’t buy these save your money get yourself. Some better pair of earbuds the pixel buds they got a problem. I just wanted to make a quick update that if anybody else has picked these up. And they’ve had the same issues you know leave a comment down below. Let me know if you fix the issue let me know what Google did.

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