The First Cut of The New Mutants is Here Now

So we have the trailer of “The New Mutants” we have a mind-blowing trailer now. We have it all again it’s actually the second trailer officially the first for this go-around for this attempt. At releasing the movie the new set in the x-men universe. We kind of executed as a horror movie think the house on Haunted Hill. But with Mutant powers or a thing of the house on Haunted Hill. Because of Mutants powers which were amazing and then didn’t happen. And then even Maisie Williams was like that it was dead though it cancelled thought. It was never seeing the light of that and then we have a trailer today. So that’s I am talking about the trailer now looks like it did before.

I mean it looks like a cool premise. I think that it is a very interesting take on Mutant powers. Because some of those Mutants powers are very scary. So what lends itself to that claustrophobic creepy hospital house on Haunted Hill is a sad tone. It’s like it’s the reverse Xavius man ships. Like Xavier smashing is heaven this is hell with the mutant power. So like obviously and it’s like don’t worry the Schuster power you’re gifted. That power then any stuff gets me interested. It’s like they’re tormented in this hospital no like we need to fight our way out. It was a part of me it’s like wait now that it’s coming out under Disney. Because Disney bought Fox is it will be Disney Plus.


I hear it’s still should be the creep-fest. What do you think I don’t know who these characters are I imagine they’re Narrated. They named x-men characters I don’t know who they are I mean if someone said the names. Maybe I would be like this is where I find out I did have their HeroClix. And I just didn’t know that always happens. When you play games or you have a trading card I mean whom trading cards going back. What I’ve loved about the x-men movies recently is that they don’t feel like x-men movies. Because they’re kind of not x-men movies really. I’m kind of talking about Logan it feels like a different kind of thing. Other than x-men it just takes place in that x-men universe.

And that’s amazing and the x-men universe completely lends itself to that. So it looks good it’s a cool take on the x-men universe a logical one. Because sometimes those powers are one of the cool powers. The ones that weren’t dead as frightening like in this movie. I’d still freak out if I could freeze things to be like X-men always just kind of you know. They roll with it unless you’re rogue and you’re kissing your boyfriend. When you’re in high school and you know you take part in his soul it’s on the bed. He’s in a coma that’s like the only time I’ve ever seen anyone truly freak out with an x-men power. So this seems like that but times 100 better so this is kind of a simple fact.

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