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Taylor Swift Says Making ‘All Too Well,’ a Short Film was ‘as All consuming as writing a song

Taylor Swift is happy after the eagerly awaited, long-awaited reissue of Red and Friday’s premiere of All Too Well, The Short Film. ET’s Nischelle Taylor, 31, spoke with the songstress during the red carpet interview at the New York theatrical debut of the movie in Lincoln Square. She discussed the process behind it all.

Swift first spoke about Swift’s ability to revisit the record she released in 2012 and described it as an “amazing experience.”

“One thing about the whole music ownership discussion is that this was something which started out as the really hard thing that I went through,” she stated of her decision for her songs to be owned after a well-publicized feud with Big Machine Label Group Scooter Braun, and Scott Borchetta over her original master records. “The people who transformed it into something very inspiring are the fans. They just kept repeating to me, “We want your versions.” We’ll listen to it if you do it again.

“If they hadn’t done this, I don’t believe I’d have the amazing and exciting experience of being right here,” she said.

(Taylor’s version) includes 30 tracks. These include songs from Swift’s vault, new collaborations Phoebe Bridgers and Ed Sheeran. Chris Stapleton also features a 10-minute version of her heartbreaking breakup song “All Too Well.”

Swift, as she prepared to present the short film based upon “one of my favourite songs I’ve ever composed”, noted that it was “all the fans doing.”

She said, “I wanted to think about how I could make them as happy in one week or try to make their happiness as mine,” she added.


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Swift directed All Too Well, The Short Film. It stars Swift and also features Stranger Things star Sadie Sink. Dylan O’Brien is Teen Wolf’s actor. Swift stated that the filmmaking process was “as exhausting as writing songs.”

She stated that she felt the same satisfaction as when she wrote songs and thought about every aspect. It comes together and then it is released into the world.

“There are so few moving pieces,” she said. “But honestly the actors, Sadie, and Dylan, they just gave it all and I trusted them so much since I watched every one of their performances.” They have been my favourite actors for ages and I know that I can trust their instincts and make magic happen if you put them in a room.

“They were amazing in this. Swift marvelled. “I’m so proud of these performances, and I was proud of how it looked and how it felt to watch it,” Swift said. “I really hope the people like it as much I do.”

She pondered what she might tell the 2012 version of herself, who was recording the original record, as she was welcomed at the premiere by legions of her admirers. They sing like a chorus… They’re singing like a chorus.

Swift expressed his gratitude for Sheeran’s assistance on the recording, noting that their close friends “hang out all day.”

She exclaimed that “What’s been so amazing is watching him develop as a person.” “It’s one the friendships where the friendship doesn’t move no matter how life changes. He’s a wonderful and wonderful friend. He is always there for me when I need to talk. It’s nice having someone who goes through the same stresses and struggles in life. He’s my hero.

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