Elon Musk Gave his Employees Ultimatum to Leave or Stay Warning

Twitter turmoil and a wave of employee departures were reported. Elon Musk gave employees until 5 pm yesterday to either commit to how he wants things done or resigned. This all comes one week after he fired half of his staff.

Twitter an ultimatum to leave or stay warning

Just hours after Elon Musk gave his employees and Twitter an ultimatum to leave or stay warning them if they stay they must commit to being quote extremely hardcore.

Working long hours at high intensity to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0. From Yesterday night, up to 1200 have walked out the door according to several media outlets, including the New York Times.

The Times also reported Musk emailed his remaining employees today writing anyone who actually writes software please report to the 10th floor at 2 pm today.

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It is unclear tonight how many people work and Twitter a week ago Musk fired half the workforce of around 3700 People, still just trying to rebrand the social media platform Tweeter.

Elon Musk tweet about new Tweeter Policy

New Twitter policy is freedom of speech but not freedom of reach, saying negative and hate speech will be deep boosted and demonetised.

As part of this policy several accounts that had been previously banned now reinstated, including comedian Kathy Griffin. It’s unclear if former President Trump’s account will be reactivated.

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