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Cheap Apple Watch SE is Coming Soon & iPad Air 4 With New Look

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Hey guys how you all doing so, If you’re trying to buy a budget series apple watch like the series 3 so this article is for you. According to sources, it is a rumour that a series of the apple watch may be coming out. Really soon some awesome images of some upcoming apple products got released. I first saw this news on the internet and they stated that this apple watch will be the affordable apple watch.

That’s going to replace the soon to be obsolete. I should say series three apple watch now they didn’t really specify so much about the specification of what we should expect. This new series SE apple watches to have but from this article from where they got their rumours. I think this makes a lot of sense for apple to do so I could definitely see something like this happening. And apple watch coming out soon and another reason why I think it’s a 5050 chance. Because Apple has been doing so far they’ve been doing a great job when it comes to pre-re-releasing.

Older series apple watch as a fine. When the series 3 first got released the series 1 got re-released alongside. That apple watch and then apple did the exact same thing with the series 5. As the series 3 can still be bought brand new from Apple and other retail stores. So, in other words, Apple has been doing a great job of re-releasing older apple watches. To give many users an affordable option if they really want a smartwatch. So who knows what exactly is going to happen however very recently a new leaker came out on twitter. Who added support supporting this new rumoured SE apple watch.

New Series

The new series 6 apple watch and keeping it apple. That does seem like something that Apple would possibly do in consideration. That the current I phone SE actually shares the same exact processor. The chipset I should say on the highest class I phone the I phone 11 pro and other specific information. About this rumoured SE Apple watch is that it’s gonna contain 16 gigabytes of internal storage. Which in my opinion that’s plenty enough even eight gigabytes it still is a lot.

For the older series three apple watch so 16gigs is done able other mentions. Tat this user also said that it’s only gonna become available in the aluminium. Body chassis apple watch colours are still left unknown and most importantly it’s gonna have a solid-state button. Which will replace that physical power button which was also rumoured on the new series 6 watch… Which will give you hepatic feedback to simulate real press Bluetooth… Obviously it’s a new device it should be on the latest Bluetooth.


By default and will have support for the international. So no surprise this should also have fall detection. And other latest innovations that the current watch has and will also continue to be the same cause. As the series 3 apple watch again cool but I’m really sceptical if this is really going to happen.

It still is a 50- 50 chance from my point of view from everything I’ve seen by apple. But I would love to see more upcoming leaks and rumours supporting this statement so until we see more hard evidence. It still is challenging to tell if this is actually likely to happen because I don’t know much about this news. On its past history when it comes to accuracy so anywho let’s move on to the new rumoured iPad air this one actually has a lot of hard evidence. So this hard evidence that we have so far is this leaked image.

Which shared all over the internet very recently and this generally looks like the same design. That we see on the iPad pro now you might have noticed it does not have a face id. Even though it resembles a face id iPad pro it has noticed however that it will have a power button. With touch id so this will continue to have the touch hidden key to unlock this device. But then it doesn’t end there about this newly redesigned iPad error that’s coming out soon.

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