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The All New Android 11 is Here With All New Features

Hey, guys, how you all doing so today I will tell you about the all-new Android 11. Android is a mature operating system. What that means is that unless some designer inside Google has a wild-eyed hare-brained idea. Things just aren't going to radically change that much in a mature OS. Instead, the…

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The All New Xbox Series S is Here

A whole lot of news just leaked for the Xbox Series. And the Xbox Series S, both pricing and dates, so we're gonna talk about all that stuff. A lot of different Xbox information started coming out, and it's looking like most. if not all of it is real. The first big thing…

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Toshiba Quits Their Laptop Business

Hey, guys how you all doing. Today I have bad news for Toshiba lovers. Earlier Toshiba sold 80 of its pc business to sharp back in 2018. But last week Toshiba made it official by selling its remaining stake in laptops to sharp. Which should mark the end of its time in the…