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12 Smart Home Gadgets that are worth buying

Automate your house with specialized devices and these gadgets can be a perfect starting point. 1. Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum Have you been dreaming about a robot vacuum for a long time? Good news, Roborock has released a new model at a nice price Roborock s6 pure can map out every room…


How to use a Panasonic Lumix Camera As a Webcam

Hi everyone today I just wanted to go through the Lumix tethering software. And how you can use it with your Lumix camera to use the video stream to work with zoom or Skype. For video conferencing or video calls or things like that. I'm super excited I'm so glad that they've released…


Amazon’s New Echo Auto Alexa For Your Car in Detail

Hey, guys how are you all...So if you've been on Amazon lately you probably noticed all the ads are running for their new echo Auto and honestly. They make some bold claims about that so they say just for anywhere from twenty-five to fifty dollars. You can buy this little device and equip…


Amazon Announces New Fire TV And a Brand New Home Screen

Amazon announced two new fire tv products during its big online hardware event on Thursday. Amazon's fire tv gadgets compete directly with Roku and apple tv offering people access to popular apps. Like Disney plus Netflix Hulu and more amazon says people are spending more time in front of TVs. Than ever before…