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Apple Self Service Repair – Apple will Begin the Self Service Repair Program.

Apple Self Service Repair Program


Apple is now launching a new Self Service Repair program in the US by offering tools and spare parts to those who wish to repair damaged iPhone 12 and 13 models.

About Apple Self Service Repair

San Francisco: Apple says it will allow users to fix their gadgets through Apple, the Silicon Valley giant, in a concession seen as a win to “right-to-repair” activists.

It is known that the iPhone and the Mac company have for a long time limited repairs to techs who work at “Genius bars” located in its stores or in authorized service centres where owners of the devices often encounter long waits and expensive tabs.

“We didn’t think we’d be able to witness this one day that we did,” read a tweet from @iFixit. It states it has repair guides available to a variety of gadgets.

“There are a few pitfalls; however, we were delighted to be able to see Apple acknowledge what we’ve always known: Everyone is a Genius to repair the problems with an iPhone.”

Apple Self Service Repair launch in the US

Apple’s latest Self Service Repair program will be launch in the US and allow the sale of parts and tools to customers looking to repair broken iPhone 12 or 13 model handsets.

The initial focus will be on the parts that are most susceptible to being damaged, like cameras, batteries, and screens.

According to the Silicon Valley-based firm, the program will roll out to other countries over the next year and will be extended to include Mac computers.

“Creating more availability for Apple genuine parts provides our customers more options in the event of a repair,” chief operating officer Jeff Williams said in a press release.

“In the last three years, Apple increased the size of repair locations which can access Apple simple tools, parts as well as training. we’re now offering the option to those who want to do repair work on their own.”

The move comes when Apple faces lawsuits and criticism concerning its tight control over its “ecosystem,” including everything from iPhone hardware to the applications allowed on phones.

The laws that guarantee individuals to fix things they purchase are gaining momentum throughout the US and at an international level.

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