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Apple Makes Final Cut Pro X Work better For Video Editing

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Hey, guys, how’s it going today I’ve got a fascinating update in the world of technology and video editing. So from now, you guys can edit any video with no limitations in Final Cut Pro on an iPad well it’s true. Now, this is where the technology really gets fascinating. This will run in the second version of the public beta of the new software’s this will run on the iPad OS and Mac OS. And this will only work if they’re both at least on the second version of the public betas. All right let’s get started so after you download and install debate software. It’s really simple all you have to do is open Final Cut on your Mac.

Then go over to aeroplane where you would normally share your screen with an Apple TV or another device. And you’ll see it pops up with your iPad so you just click on that. And boom you’re now using your iPad as an external display. The wait there’s more now with like an Apple TV or an external monitor. It’s just an extra screen which is really beneficial. But if you take your Apple pencil and touch it on the screen you can literally edit in Final Cut Pro. With zero limitations and almost zero lag directly off your computer.

So this means to should have the external four terabyte Lacie drive. That’s connecting to the computer and all of that information that you would normally. Edit on your computer is being airplay basically it’s called sidecar. But it’s sent to your iPad and you’re able to fully edit with a touchscreen. With no wires what so ever connecting this or the power or anything. You can just have your computer on your desk sit back and edit just like you would be on your computer. But with the touchscreen on an iPad, I don’t know if there’s just done.

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But this is truly fascinating and really revolutionary in the world of video. And a date I cannot wait to start using this sidecar feature it’s got so much potential. And it’s just such a powerful tool. That really takes to mostly disconnected devices that Apple creates. And brings them into one if you will see at your iPad at the bottom. It has a kind of like touch bar and this will actually pop up. Even if your MacBook does not have a touch bar. It will show up where they touch bar on your iPad. You’ll see on the bottom which is great for all those features because the keyboard folio that comes with the iPad does not have function keys. So that really adds some extra beneficial value right there.

Also on the left side, you have a bunch of your standard features. That makes life just a little bit easier such as command option control shift back arrow. And opening up the keyboard so you don’t even need this keyboard folio. You can just pop off the iPad and edit in full Final Cut Pro with zero limitations. Almost zero lag with more applications than just found the pro. It actually worked with literally any application. That you can open on your mac book you can use Final Cut Pro. Because it’s an application I really love and just the thought of editing in Final Cut on an iPad. With no wires or nothing attached just natively like this. That is just absolutely unheard of all right that’s it.

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