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Apple iPad Mini 6 Release Price & The iPad Launch 8th Gen


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For new, iPad pro’s new macs as well as running on apple silicon. I believe we ‘ll see both the 8th gen iPad. And the iPad mini at one of these two new events both models are due to refreshed. As the iPad mini 5 came out in March 2019 and by the time of these events. It would have been a good 18 plus month since the release of the iPad mini 5th gen for the normal. iPad it announced last year at September’s hardware keynote. But we believe a new iPad is in the works with a faster processor than the 102016 chip that came inside.

The 2019 model so let’s drill down into each model one by one let’s start with the iPad mini 6 or the iPad mini 6 gen. Whatever you want to call it first for a release date we believe we’ll be able to get our hands-on. The iPad mini 6only a couple of weeks after the announcement in September or October.

This means if the launch event details are true we can expect to probably get hold of the new iPad mini. On around September the 25th or if we see it in the October event. On the 27th then we’ll probably get our hands on the iPad mini 6 on November 13. Thus far as price concerned right now we are looking towards the iPad mini 5 pricing model. You can get the current five iPad mini for 399 us dollars. If you opt for the basic 64-gigabyte model a 256-gigabyte version is available too as is one with cellular connectivity. I expect the prices to rise a little for the new models if some of the upcoming rumors.

Apple Pencil

Do turn out to be true but we still think it’s going to be a mid-price tablet. Now the biggest room of all so far as you can see in these renders. What I’m showing here is that we may get a whole new design iPad mini. This would technically be the first time the iPad mini has had a whole new design. Since it first came out in 2012 the rumors are saying. That the iPad mini 6 will be in the same design as an iPad pro giving that more flatter view. And the approach to the design the LCDs in the products and would offer an experience better. Into an old that we currently get in like the iPhone 11 Pro models. And like the iPhone x and also the xs it is likely that the iPad mini 6 will also feature.

That new 14 bionic chip that we will get in the iPhone 12 but ram size will probably get about the same. As normal, iPhone 12 models, not the pro models. So that would roundabout be about four gigabytes for storage we’re expecting. Now the minimum to be either 64 or 128 gigabytes latest info and rumors have shown. That the iPhone 12 is starting at 128 gigabytes. So it is likely that the mini will also start at that size as well and it is definitely needed in 2020.

I Pad

Apple Pencil support was also added for the iPad minify and we expect it to stick around. Possibly with the support for the second-generation apple pencil. That also came out last year a keyboard folio accessory would be nice. As well though whether it would work as well it’s going to be difficult to ensure. That could happen because the tablet users do not need this for both of the charging ports. On the iPad mini 6 and the iPad 8th gen we believe we will get a charger in the box. Unlike the reported iPhone 12 what won’t feature this just a USB to lightning cable. So that is everything we know so far are you excited about the iPad mini 6th and the iPad 8th generation.

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