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Apple AirPods Pro With Their Lowest Price $199 yet

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is selling like crazy. I’ve used them daily and I mean every single day in my room on the bus on the streets. And I really love them but there are some things. I want to share with you…so today I’m here to tell you 5 reasons why you should buy the air Pods Pro. So let’s get started with your Apple devices much like the regular air pods.

The beats pro

And just like those devices when you open the air Pods pro case the air pawn pros go all clingy on you. And shove the battery information onto your I phone screen. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s great to know that I didn’t charge them for the last couple days. Because you know sometimes people forget about that pretty often the downside is that under. Then those with the fruit logo you have to parent using the regular old Bluetooth method. You that’s terrible I have to pair it like a normal device. Why basically your iPod pros will just take a bit longer to pair up. With non-Apple products now the thing I personally like the most. About the air pop pros case, the little thing it comes in is how strong the magnets are. And this is true for the air pods and the air puck pros the magnets holding the earbuds inside the case. Are pretty strong and the earbuds don’t fall out easily and I really like how they snap into place. And it doesn’t feel like to be easy to lose these things. Which isn’t true about some other wireless earbuds I’ve ever tried. Now that leads us into our next con the price.


If you do happen to end up losing them or any part of them it’s really expensive. Like most other wireless earbuds the air pawn pros come with some on-ear features like squeezed once. To play pause or pick up the phone squeeze it twice to switch songs. And squeeze it three times to go back a song. You can do a long squeeze to switch between two of the three different modes. Noise-cancelling mode and ambient sound mode with the third mode do turn everything off. Can add through settings the air pop pros can receive firmware updates. But it’s a mess it’s really complex but here’s how you do it first you ensure the earbuds are inside of its charging case. Then you make sure that charging case is charging and you place your phone close. By that’s it it’s not ideal and there’s not a 100% guarantee that it’ll work.


People have actually reported issues with this saying. That it doesn’t work at times and so it’s a disaster the sound quality. On the airport’s pro is good it’s not the absolute best when looking at all the Bluetooth earbuds. That I’ve tried but it does sound better than the non-pro air pods. There’s also a nice little software test to see if you’re using the right ear tips to get the best sound quality. And noise-cancelling it just takes a few seconds and then tells you if your ears are like a little rat. Size dears normal human-sized ears or Dumbo size dear holes now here’s a big issue.



That happened with the Airpods pro there was a firmware update. That made the noise cancelling feature worse this made a lot of people really angry. Because well these are noise cancelling earbuds. That’s kind of the whole point of them and combined with the fact that they haven’t fixed this. Yet and the fact that it’s actually really difficult to update the firmware on these things. Make this potentially a not very friendly user experience. For anyone, the last pro of the AirPods Pro is that they are portable. Even for wireless earbuds some other wireless earbuds. With their case take up way too much space and some even make it look like you have something in your pants. Something that you don’t really want to show off. Because it’s kind of disgusting even Apple’s own power beats Pro.


It Has a massive case the portability of the AirPods Pro case makes it easy to take. With you and store it where you need including a pocket with your wallet. And keys in it trust me I’ve put in my own front pocket with my wallet. And keys it works great it’s not fit but it works the last con of the air pants pro is what happens. When they get lost see when your I phone gets lost you log into I Cloud and you can look up your phone. And see where it is well if it’s on of course. But the AirPods Pro doesn’t work like this when you lose them. You can’t track them unless someone opens the case. Which means if you really lost it somewhere and no one ever opens it. You can’t ever find it so when I lost the air pods Pro case. I tried constantly for a few days to try and find it but I couldn’t ever get it.

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