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Apex Legends Mobile is Available for Download from Google Play Store

Apex Legends

After a long time and a few limited beta previews with region-locked regions, Apex Legends Mobile is now available to all Android players via the Google Play Store.

Apex Legends Mobile is out and it’s the game’s mobile edition of the popular Battle Royale game finding itself within our fingers!

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends

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No matter if you’ve played the original game before or not, it’s going to have a blast having a good experience with Apex Legends Mobile!

What if you’d like to become more competitive with Apex Legends Mobile? Here’s a look at whether Apex Legends Mobile supports control support for controllers, and if it does what controllers can be used!

At first, Apex Legends Mobile was initially launched with limited beta testing for regions like the Philippines and India.

However, EA along with Respawn confirmed that additional regions will gain access in the coming time.

The previous methods to play Apex Legends using your phone made use of services such as GeForce In this case it’s the version of the game on a PC instead of a mobile port.

It’s an direct port that has been designed for smaller displays , with additional controls that are on the screen as well as other improvements.

It has been redesigned to make it more compatible with mobile gaming with controls on the screen that are quite similar to the loved Call of Duty: Mobile franchise.

The control scheme is adjusted to match your personal style of play, with automatic loot pickups which speed up this difficult process on PC and console. Check out the first few minutes of Apex Legends Mobile, which is running through Pixel 6, below.

There are several specifications for devices that must be met to play the Apex Legends Mobile title at optimal settings. You’ll require at least an Snapdragon 435 or Kirin 650 Helio P20, Exynos 7420 processor 2GB of RAM as well as 4GB of storage running Android 6.0 or greater to start playing.

Go to our Apex Legends Mobile Google Play Store list here to begin.

If you’ve already registered, Apex Legends Mobile may be download via the Play Store onto your device overnight.

After installing, you’ll need to go through a lengthy instruction before dropping into the famous Season 1 map “World’s End.”

The game also has an exclusive mobile-only Legend “Fade” that you can unlock.

How do I connect Controllers to Mobiles Apex Legends Mobile

Here’s how you join to an Xbox or PlayStation controller to your mobile device Apex Legends Mobile.

The Xbox Controllers are compatible with:

  1. Be sure to enable the Bluetooth option on the settings of your device.
  2. Switch the Xbox controller
  3. Use the button on the controller’s Pair (the small circle at near the center of the controller) for 3 seconds, then release.
  4. Navigate to the settings on your device and look for your device’s settings, and then look for the Bluetooth option.
  5. Choose Xbox Wireless Controller when it appears with the option.

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Playstation Controllers

  1. Check that you have the Bluetooth option is on in the device’s settings.
  2. Hold and press your finger on the PlayStation logo button as well as the Share/Create button. If you’ve done it right the light sensor will begin flashing.
  3. Navigate to the settings on your device and look for Bluetooth options.
  4. Choose Wireless Controller to connect your PlayStation controller to your mobile device.
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