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Amazon Announces New Fire TV And a Brand New Home Screen


Amazon announced two new fire tv products during its big online hardware event on Thursday. Amazon’s fire tv gadgets compete directly with Roku and apple tv offering people access to popular apps. Like Disney plus Netflix Hulu and more amazon says people are spending more time in front of TVs. Than ever before due to the spread of coronavirus, it sees the tv as at the centre of the household and wants to get even more features in front of users.

To keep them coming back the new features may help it compete more aggressively. Against Roku which still has a 50 market share of global connected tv streaming hours. With strong growth opportunities according to an analyst note from Deutsche bank in august. The new fire tv stick and fire tv stick light will be the first of amazon’s streaming gadgets to offer a redesigned. Home screen when they launch next week although the changes will come to existing fire tv. Devices beginning in the first quarter of 2020 too here’s what you need to know amazon’s vice president.

The GM Statement

And the general manager of fire TVs a deep Gupta told that amazon received feedback from users suggesting. The home screen was too cluttered amazon worked on a redesign to make it easier to find stuff to watch. And to quickly jump into live tv today you can search for comedies or stuff by tom cruise. But we’ve tried to make a landing spot for when you don’t know what you want to watch this shows. You stuff that’s free movies and tv show broader categories apps. And more Gupta the quick access to a tv guide will provide a familiar experience. For people transitioning from cable tv to streaming the new software. Supports up to six user profiles that means you can log into your profile and see the shows and movies amazon recommends. To you while your significant other can use a separate account for their own personalized.


Kid-Friendly Content

Recommendations you can also create profiles for children. That will only show kid-friendly content you’ve approved. Previously you’d have to switch profiles inside each app like Netflix or Hulu. To see content recommended to you inside those apps the latest software provides a new option. To see your ring or Alex a ready video camera on your tv through the picture in a kind of like seeing a small window. On your screen, while you’re watching movies or tv show finally amazon is expanding its Alexa voice assistant on fire.

Tv Gupta told that there are billions of requests to Alexa and that it has seen an 80%. Growth in requests on fire tv over the last year although he did not provide specific figures. It’s a good indication people like Alexa and is using it more to manage shopping routines recipes. Whatever it is in a centralized place he said Alexa’s responses now pop up and cover. Just a small part of the screen so you can keep watching or doing what you were without interrupted.

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