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Ajaz Patel New Zealand’s bowler took all 10 wickets of Team India in an Innings

Ajaz Patel New Zealand's bowler

Incredible New Zealand’s ‘Mumbai’ bowler took all ten wickets of Team India in an innings, the third bowler to do so.

History was created in the Mumbai Test match between India and New Zealand. New Zealand’s Ajaz Patel has taken all the ten wickets of the Indian innings; with this, he has equalled the record of great Indian spinner Anil Kumble. In the first innings of the Mumbai Test, Ajaz Patel took the wickets of all ten batsmen of Team India.

Ajaz Patel had become the third bowler to take all ten wickets in a single inning before that feat was done by England’s Jim Laker and India’s Anil Kumble.

Ajaz Patel in the first innings of the Mumbai Test

Total Overs: 47.5

Maiden over: 12

Runs Given: 119

Wickets: 10

Anil Kumble and Jim Laker have done this.

England’s Jim Laker took ten wickets in an innings against Australia in 1956. Jim Laker then bowled 23 maiden overs in 51.2 overs and took 10 wickets for 53 runs.

India’s Anil Kumble took ten wickets in the innings against Pakistan in Delhi. Then Anil Kumble took ten wickets for 74 runs in just 26.3 overs and became the first Indian.

The bowler who took 10 wickets in an innings.

Jim Laker: 10 Wickets vs Australia, 1956

Anil Kumble: 10 Wickets vs Pakistan, 1999

Ajaz Patel: 10 wickets vs India, 2021

Who is Ajaz Patel?

A moment later, the man was sitting down for dinner with more than 30 members of his most beloved family. The next day, he received a message that he had been selected for the test squad and played with New Zealand. Meet Ajaz Patel Ajaz Patel, a left-arm spinner who was a fast bowler like many of his peers in his youth.

Only when he entered his twenties, he realize the need to change his lifestyle. “Being 5’6 was not enough for an upper level.” While playing with it in the club game, he realized it could even be enjoyable to spin bowls and was, as it turned out was history. On the 31st of October 2018, at 30 years old – Ajaz began cricket for New Zealand in a T20I against Pakistan. Similar to what coach Dipak Patel did during his debut at the 1992 World Cup.

The rise of Ajaz in international competition was based upon his consistent success at the home level. He was the most prolific wicket-taker in first-class cricket for three years straight before receiving the decision from the captain Gavin Larsen in July 2018. In reality, he has been a massive part of Central Stags, winning the title in the year he played, taking 48 wickets and 21.52. After moving with his family to Mumbai in 1996, He became the fifth Indian cricketer to represent New Zealand since Ted Badcock, Tom Puna, Ish Sodhi, and his friend who was a schoolmate Jeet Raval.


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