8 killed in Dallas shootout, attacker also killed

In Texas, a gunman killed 9 people. According to the media report, the gunman has been killed by the police. According to the media, this incident took place on Sunday night in Dallas suburb Plano. It is believed that firing started due to “domestic dispute” at the party of NFL team Dallas Cowboys.

Police spokesman David Tillley said that during the shootout, the shooter died in a counter attack by the police officer who was shot in the air. The New York Times told the officials that eight bodies were recovered from the house. Two other injured persons have been admitted to the hospital during the shootout.

The motive behind the firing has not yet been established. Police officer David Tillley said, “The reason is still unclear. We are busy investigating the cause.”

Tillay said, “The incident started at 8 o’clock, the police got the news of the shooting in the house. Our official heard the bullet, then he entered the house and finally killed the suspect.”

One of the witnesses told that he heard the sound of being shot 30 to 40 times at 8 o’clock at night.

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[…] Also read about Dallas shootout […]


[…] Also read: 8 killed in Dallas shootout, attacker also killed […]